IUSC - InterUniversities Sport Committe is a non-profit entity composed by 7 different Professor and University Sport Coordinator from 7 different Countries.
The mission of the IUSC is to unite all Sport Clubs, teams and own Sport Sectors of Universities worldwide, and to coordinate and amalgamate sports and cultural initiatives among all Universities.

IUSC provides a wonderful opportunity for students to be active and healthy and enhance their social skills and networks. The core values promote the fun and fair environment needed to ensure students, professors, coaches, officials and administrators to enjoy sport and stay involved.

One of the IUSC’s purpose is the organization of the World InterUniversities Championships, a multi-sport university sport Championships, for University Teams (not National University Teams) and the aims are to celebrating university sport, promoting the principles of fair play, diversity and inclusion. Events encompass sports, social, educational and cultural activities, bringing people from different ethnical, cultural and geographical backgrounds together.

Download here the "IUSC Statute and Regulation"


in Barcelona (Spain) was held the third IUSC – General Assembly


in Barcelona (Spain) was held the second IUSC – General Assembly


in Roma (Italy) was held the first IUSC – General Assembly, where was decided the 3rd WIUC 2017 hosting city: Barcelona

  •  Alberto Tanghetti (ASD Eurosportevents)
  •  Irakli Bolkvadze (RGGU Moscow)
  •  Viktor Skultety (EUBA Bratislava)
  •  Zdenek Valjent (CTU Prague)
  •  Dean Sinkovic (University Juraj Dobrila of Pula)
  •  Albena Ivanova, Phd (Medical University, Plovdiv)
  •  Maroun EL Khoury (Université Saint-Joseph, Beirut)

  •  Babar Asad Khan (LUMS University) - Pakistan Representative
  •  Sunil Kumar (Physical Education and Sports Council of India) - India and East Asia Representative
  •  Dmitry Savelyev (Saint-Petersburg Mining University) - St. Petersburg Regional Representative
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